Benefits of Postpartum Massage Therapy


Preparing for your journey into motherhood?
Here’s how Postpartum Massage Therapy can help you:
  • Pain Relief
    • Loosen tight neck, arm and shoulder muscles from breastfeeding, holding baby and carrying new baby gear
    • Relieve low back and hip pain leftover from pregnancy
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation
    • Lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels before stress becomes chronic
    • Turn on your body’s own natural relaxation response to allow healing from within
  • Alleviation of Anxiety and Depression
    • Take a break from giving and be nurtured to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout
    • Connect with an experienced mom who knows what postpartum depression is like and can recognize early signs
  • Improved Sleep
    • Increase brain waves associated with meditation and deep sleep to help you feel restored after a session
    • Experience the continued benefit of deeper relaxation and more restful sleep with regular sessions
  • Healthy Hormone Levels
    • Balance post-pregnancy hormone levels to feel like yourself again faster
    • Regulate hormones associated with depression and cardiovascular issues
  • Decreased Swelling
    • Promote circulation of blood and lymph to help eliminate excess fluids and wastes
    • Stimulate body tissue to allow fluids to shift to where they belong
  • Better Breastfeeding
    • Increase milk production and prolactin, the lactation hormone
    • Learn breast self-massage techniques to decrease breast milk sodium and promote newborn nursing

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