∞ Heal your Body, Mind and Spirit, so you can let your Light shine! ∞

My name is Sara Houchin, MSEd, CMT, and I am a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki /Master Teacher and Meditation Instructor.


I offer intuitive massage therapy and Reiki healing sessions in your home or business setting. I also offer Reiki and Meditation instruction for groups and individuals.


I practice awareness and compassionate listening before and during a massage or Reiki session, in order to provide a personalized experience that is designed to meet your unique needs.


My goal is to help you feel more relaxed, restored, balanced and whole after a massage therapy or Reiki healing session than you did before.


As an instructor, my goal is to share my lifelong passion for Reiki and Meditation in a way that facilitates spiritual growth and transformation in each student in the way s/he needs it most.


At the heart of all my intentions is to do no harm and to be a bridge between you, your highest good, and the highest good of all beings.


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